"Novel Blasts Some
Televangelists & Their False
-----------The Christian Post (see below)
5.0 out of 5.0 stars. A fast-paced, bold work of
Christian fiction addressing the state of churches
and doctrine.
By The Publishing Guru "Todd Rutherford"
(Bixby, Oklahoma) - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Church of Jezebel:
Hijacking the Gospel (Paperback).

Derik R. Girdwood's
The Church of Jezebel,
Hijacking the Gospel
is a Christian fiction novel
depicting the dark side of some churches--hidden
beneath a thrilling mystery novel. The purpose of
this work, other than to superbly entertain, is to
unveil the false doctrines that various churches and
televangelists use to reel in naïve believers.

The Church of Jezebel weaves a fictional mystery
amidst the concepts of the Christian faith, and not
only exposes false doctrines, but also enlightens
readers through Scriptures from the Bible. The
main character of the story is Christina, an
eighteen-year-old who is excited about being
admitted to Bible college. Although she is easily
awed by the power of the dynamic speeches and
doctrinal messages, there is unmistakably a sense
of foreboding from the beginning of the book.

The antagonistic figures in this novel are Pastor
Smith, who is only concerned about bringing a cash
flow--at all costs--into the church, and the church
prophet, whose lectures are more sinister and
spine chilling than they are Christian.

Alarms should be sounding at certain passages
right from the beginning. For example, when
Christina states, "The church prophet uses a lot of
big words that most people don't understand, and
sometimes he speaks in tongues that no one
understands but the Holy Spirit, but it was about a
return to righteousness." The church prophet
using lofty language, perhaps intentionally, so that
no one can understand as he misconstrues the true
meaning of the Scriptures for his own benefit.

The plot offers much intrigue when Christina's
pregnant roommate, Becky, allegedly commits
suicide. Ironically, Becky is impregnated by the
pastor's son, Mark, who is also a freshman. The
school is thrown into mayhem when, layer after
layer the truth unfolds, and one by one, events
indicate that Becky did not commit suicide, but was
murdered. Coincidentally, or perhaps for the sake
of convenience, the brunt of the blame is laid on

The suspense builds as the truth comes out, and
there "might be evidence of some type of cult at
work, maybe satanic, or something similar to
voodoo or Santeria." From here on out, it's a roller
coaster ride for Christina, who hits an emotional
low that all but destroys her.

Ultimately, Detective Preston's relentless efforts to
uncover the details behind the murder lead to the
unearthing of a church scandal that goes beyond
the realm of imagination, with captivating elements
such as drug-dealing, murder, and the Santeria
drug cartel.

With its fast pace and bold content,
The Church of
Jezebel, Hijacking the Gospel
is reminiscent of the
famous Dan Brown novel,
Angels and Demons.
Overall, this is a must-read book with intriguing
possibilities regarding the state of churches, false
doctrines, misplaced faith and religious abuse.
5.0 out of 5 stars. A fine Christian novel, highly
By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) - See
all my reviews
This review is from: The Church of Jezebel: Hijacking the
Faith has a unique way of working in helping people find
the truth.
The Church of Jezebel: Hijacking the Gospel tells
the story of Christina, a young woman who is faced with
finding the truth regarding the death of her friend Becky. A
whirlwind journey brings her to the truth and to a greater
place in faith. Lined with Scripture and a powerful message,
The Church of Jezebel is a fine Christian novel, highly
5.0 out of 5 stars. A great first novel by Derik
By Brandon M. Standing - See all my reviews
This review is from:
The Church of Jezebel: Hijacking the
Derik Girdwood's first novel,
The Church of Jezebel, speaks
to the disconnections and the horrors that are found in many
churches that are rife with blatant hypocrisy and/or
manipulation of the word of God. Through the eyes of
Christina(CHRISTina), an eighteen year old college student,
we witness the derailing of a church whose impressive
facade has an underbelly that is chilling to the bone.
Girdwood weaves a compelling tale, showing how men and
women in authority, people who use God as a figure for
personal gain, can have devastating itineraries that are
opposite to what meets the eye. This novel keeps you
reading because even though you may not like what you
see, the "truth", however ugly it might be, is worth
uncovering. If you have often wondered how a church gains
so much momentum and fame, do yourself a favor and read
this novel to see how the old adage "you got to break some
eggs to make an omelet" really fits the bill.
5.0 out of 5 Stars.  Great Book!!
By Stormy 53
This book is incredibly insightful. The author blends
apologetics with a suspenseful story-line, perhaps creating a
new genre of Christian fiction.  
The Church of Jezebel  takes
on some controversial issues such as faith-healing, seed
faith giving, and most importantly, misplaced faith and
religious/spiritual abuse. I highly recommend this book and
believe it should be discussed at church studies.
5.0 out of 5 Stars. Outstanding!
By Roberta -  Verified Purchase
This book is a fast read and incredibly insightful. It shows a
narcissistic, apostate and toxic church that merely uses the
name of Jesus, manipulates Scripture, renders self-serving
prophesies and employs modern technology to manufacture
"signs and wonders" to wow its audience.
The Church of
describes how the Gospel is being hijacked,
especially when members and viewers are urged to open their
wallets and purses to give, give, give for the sole purpose of
receiving, receiving, receiving. Sadly, this book reflects many
popular televangelists today and in general, a narcissistic
society and church. Although this novel is a tad expensive, it
is worth the read. My favorite characters are the pastor's wife,
the church prophet and detective Preston.
Christian Fiction and Suspense with an
Apologetics Edge
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IRead an interview with author Derik Girdwood taken on
10/20/2011 by
The Christian Post, the largest Christian newspaper in
the world.
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The Christian Post

Stand Up for the Truth

Christian News Wire

Word News

Norfolk Christian Examiner
"A new book titled, The Church of Jezebel,
Hijacking the Gospel
, is stirring up some buzz
among televangelists who preach Word Faith,
even though the book itself is fiction and does
not mention any particular leaders or
churches. The Christian thriller is a new novel
by Derik Girdwood, who says that his book is
based on the real life corruption and cult side
of some televangelists and churches,
according to an article today via the Christian
Post: 'The Christian suspense novel  is
fictional. However, the author says his book is
based on the real life corruption and cult side
of some televangelists and churches.'"  
October 20, 2011.
----- from
 Stand Up for the Truth
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The Church of Jezebel,
Hijacking the Gospel
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5.0 out of 5 Stars. Wow!
By Review Ministries
This novel explains with  Biblical reasoning the erroneous
prosperity gospel and word-faith doctrines. It exposes
today's "golden calf." Highly recommended.