"God does not need your seed-money but my church does
and don’t you want to be blessed? The bigger the seed-faith, the
bigger the harvest!”
    "Sounds to me like your church is advertising to sell a blessing
or miracle. I thought I read somewhere in the Bible that a man
offered money to the apostles to purchase the gifts of the Holy
Spirit. The two apostles said that the gifts of God cannot be purchased
for money,” Thomas said.
    "Stop thinking in the legal and start thinking in the spiritual!
You’re not buying a miracle from God or the Holy Spirit, and you
are referring to Acts 8:14. You are planting seed in the ground so that
a harvest will grow and give you abundant prosperity and blessings.
You are planting seed to establish your covenant with God.”
    Thomas laughed. “As a lawyer, I have been accused of speaking
legalese, but you are speaking spiritualese. If we think that by
giving money first, that we have somehow placed God in our
debt to bless us, then I think we have perverted the Gospel.” Page 22.
    “We need only exercise the same faith as Enoch, Elijah and
Jesus to overcome death and become as God. The divinity seed within
us, when properly nurtured, is infallible and incapable of sin. We must
only access our divine Christ-consciousness by tenacious faith to be
set free from sin and dominate this earth. Therefore, it’s unnecessary
and even destructive to our spirit to pray in the name of Jesus because
it nullifies and mocks our own Christ-consciousness. You must  
surrender the fallacious idea of vicarious atonement and grace which
act to damage and ultimately destroy your faith!" Page 89.
Order and Receive
The Church of Jezebel,
Hijacking the Gospel
in Just Minutes
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    “It is true that God has richly blessed the Pastor. It is
a testimony that being in the will of God profits a man
much!  My church is accountable only to God and that is
more than sufficient.”
    “Being wealthy is not an indicator of being in God’s will
or even being blessed by God. Jesus owned no house or
anything of real value. I forget the chapter and verse but
the Bible records the Son of Man had no place to rest his
head. Can you name me one disciple or apostle that was
wealthy? Most of them walked around with little or no
money. In Acts 20: 33 and 2 Thessalonians 3: 7-9 the
Apostle Paul said he coveted no one’s silver or gold or
apparel and Paul provided for himself by working. He was a
    “And I would argue that Jesus died on the cross to
provide us with a prosperous first-class life!” Christina said
with a smile.
    "Whatever happened to carrying His cross?"
    "Our college teaches throne power. We have moved
beyond the cross." Page 178.
    "Jezebels are the often the first to call for special
prayer and prophetic meetings that are subversive
towards those in true authority. When someone says, ‘the
Lord spoke to me about you,’ be careful, for it may be
Jezebel speaking to manipulate you. Jezebel has a
haughty spirit and spiritual pride that
misleads, and other
mistake, as godliness." Page 58.

    "It is unfortunate that those with the least amount of
money and who really need a miracle are the ones who fall
for this chicanery. To me, it is outright theft! When did the
Gospel change its message from salvation to sowing seed-
faith? When did the church go from preaching repentance
and redemption to acquiring a Rolex and Rolls Royce?"
    "Repentance and redemption do not generate the
staggering revenues that the promise of a Rolex and Rolls
Royce can," Officer Rux replied.
    "Exactly. When will people wake up, discern the truth
and reject this hijacking of the Gospel? Page 238.
    “Before I begin with Queen Jezebel, I want to correct an
erroneous and damaging teaching that circulates among many
Christian cliques and that is promoted by several popular
televangelists and churches. I am speaking of faith-healing, which is
a misnomer, and I will back this up with Scripture.

    “First, faith is not required for a miraculous healing. The
Bible records that many persons that were healed by Jesus had no
faith! You don’t believe me? Read Luke 7:11–15, Luke 13:11–13,
and John 5:7–13.

    “In Luke 7, Jesus had compassion for a widow and raised
her dead son back to life. Can a dead person have faith? The widow
didn’t know Jesus was in the crowd, so she had no faith. It was
the compassion of Jesus that did the healing! In Luke 13, Jesus
saw a woman who was bent over for eighteen years. Jesus called
her to him and laid hands on her. She was healed and stood up
straight. There is no indication that she knew who Jesus was or
that she had any faith. In John 5, a sick man was healed by Jesus
and this man didn’t even know he was talking to Jesus. Could he
have had faith? Let me ask you a question. Did the Apostle Paul
and Timothy have abundant faith? Of course they did, yet the
Apostle Paul couldn’t heal Trophimus in 2 Timothy 4:20, and
Paul couldn’t heal Timothy in 1 Timothy 5:23. In fact, both Paul
and Timothy suffered from infirmities. Finally, in John 18:10 and
Luke 22:51, can you tell me who had faith when Peter cut off
the ear of the high priest’s servant, Malchus, at Gethsemane and
Jesus healed him? Was it Malchus or Peter? I submit, neither.
Faith was
not involved.

    “Never tell a person that they aren’t healed because they
lack faith or their faith is insufficient. That’s not biblical, and they
are the cruelest words that could be said to a sick person. My
friends, let no ‘faith-healer’ charge money or boast of their own
works. That is not Scriptural. In Acts 3, a lame man was begging
for money and Peter and John told the man they had no
money, but instead, healed him. Again, no faith on the lame man’s
part and no payment for healing! In fact, the term ‘faith-healing’
is a misnomer; it should be called ‘
grace-healing.’ Why is it the
non-churched can so quickly discern a phony faith-healer and we
Christians cannot? Yes, my friends, we are encouraged to pray
for the sick, but we are not permitted to prescribe the outcome.
‘Lord, heal me; but whether with a word or a touch, Your will be
done’ is an appropriate and biblical prayer.

    “Second, although there’s no honor in being sick, there’s also
no shame. 1st Peter 4:16 states that if anyone suffers as a
Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him glorify God in this
matter. In fact, the Apostle Paul, who wrote the majority of the New
Testament, suffered from infirmities, needs, and distresses. I
paraphrase 2 Corinthians 12:7–12: ‘And lest I should be exalted, a
thorn in the flesh was given to me. Concerning this thing I pleaded
with the Lord three times that it might depart from me. And He said
to me, “My grace is sufficient for you.” Therefore, I will rather boast
of my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.’
“Consequently, despite what we may be suffering today, tomorrow,
or next year, it is far greater gain to have an infirmity and
be poor, but have Christ, than to be healthy and wealthy, but not
have Christ. The Apostle Paul said it best in Romans 8:18: ‘For I
consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to
be compared with the glory which shall be revealed to us.’

    “Third, if we are sick, we pray and seek medical treatment.
We don’t tempt the Lord by ignoring an illness or refusing to get
medical help—but I digress; back to Queen Jezebel.
-- Pages 53-54.
Excerpts From
The Church of Jezebel
(copyright 2010-11) 244 pages
    The prophet stood with arms held high in the air, his
outstretched fingers trembling, and he spoke these words to the
church: “Let me, your God, plant the seed of your divine nature
and then nourish your  seed with spiritual power. Together we
shall cultivate the rich deep earth, bringing forth its fruit. Your
seed will grow as a vine like no other has seen; indeed, higher
than in Nebuchadnezzar's dream; it shall reach the heavens and
claim its rightful place above the stars. Be one with me my child,
for in you, yes you, is the kingdom and the power and the glory. I
will fulfill your divine destiny for it was me who opened your eyes
and it is me who will make you a God. Together, we shall return
to a Nephilim order of antediluvian righteousness! So saith the
Lord.” Page 1.
    As Mrs. Smith and Christina were walking to their room, they
noticed a young girl mopping the tiled floor in the hallway.
    “What’s your name?” Mrs. Smith asked her in French.
    “LaDonna,” she replied.
    "Do you live here?”
    "I live in the basement with my younger brother.”
    “How old are you? You look so sweet.”
    “Twelve, and I don’t to talk to guests.”
    “You are a restavek, right?”
    “I have to go now. Bye, madam.”
    Christina and Mrs. Smith watched as the little girl toted a
huge bucket of water and a long mop down the steps.
    “What’s a restavek?” Christina asked.
    “This is a poor country,” Mrs. Smith explained. “A restavek is
the word given here for a child slave. Her real parents most likely
live on the outskirts of this city and could not provide for her, so
they sold or gave her away to the people who own this hotel. She
labors for them, and in exchange, they give her food and place to
live. It’s ironic that Haiti was one of the first countries to abolish
slavery. Yet, most here find no problem with having a child slave.
Haitians say
Timoun se ti bet, which means ‘kids are animals.’”
    “That’s terrible,” Christina uttered with indignation.
    “It’s estimated that three hundred thousand children
here are restaveks,” Mrs. Smith said with a grimace. “At least she
didn’t look beaten and she could talk. There are horrible stories
here of physical and sexual abuse of children, and that’s why we
need to kingdom build here and at Hinche.”  Page 112.
    "What are the consequences of following the Jezebel spirit?
Spiritual paralysis.
    “Jezebel is not a happy person because she or he is never
satisfied. Jezebels are perfectionists, and nothing you do is good
enough for them. Those trapped in Jezebel’s web of manipulation
and intimidation are also not happy. They are running on Jezebel’s
treadmill and going nowhere fast.
    “Make no mistake, if you continually agree with the Jezebel
spirit simply to avoid confrontation and conflict, then you’ll not
endear yourself to Jezebel, but rather, you’ll lose your self-esteem
and Jezebel’s respect. My friends, there’s only one way to free
yourself from the Jezebel spirit. Say ‘no’ to that spirit of manipulation,
intimidation, and destruction. When you say, ‘no,’ you can expect the
following from a Jezebel spirit: it will throw a tantrum or pout and
either walk away or remind you of all your faults and failings and how
ungrateful you are for the painful sacrifices it has made on your
behalf. The Jezebel spirit will not address the issue at hand, but
instead, will put you on trial. Simply put, the spirit of Jezebel deflects
and never reflects on its own actions and words. Nevertheless, do
not be a weak Ahab, or you will find yourself with an eroded sense of
self-worth and riddled with fear, doubt and anxiety. You walk on
eggshells around Jezebel and sooner than later an emotional and
spiritual paralysis sets in. Don't let this happen. Stand firm, stick to
the issue, confront Jezebel, and say, ‘no!’ There is
peace in Jesus
but not in Jezebel. Page 59.
    “I think he was jealous of Jesus because that is all I talked about
when he came home from work. He started to refuse to go to church
with me but I did not care because he was an embarrassment when
sitting next to me. He would just sit there like some useless mannequin.
He destroyed my chance to be promoted in the church because they
like a husband and wife team and my husband was just useless.
Anyway, I knew I should not file for divorce because the Bible says you
should stay with an unbeliever because one day he may convert but I
did not have to make it comfortable for him either and I did not. I told
him to file for divorce and he finally did and I thanked God for
answering my prayers. He bought my equity from the house, I got half
his retirement, he pays me spousal support and here I am. I don’t need
no man to hold me back anymore.”
    “That’s a double negative,” Christina said with a smile. Page 50.
    "We are only one generation away from this: Parents will fear their children; brother will betray and smite brother;
churches, temples and mosques not of our kind will be torn down or become museums and showcase musicians; the media will
promote only good news; marriage will be obsolete; suicide will be endorsed and honored; and those with different viewpoints than
ours will be diagnosed as having mental or emotional illnesses and ultimately eliminated from society so as not to contaminate
    "I say with joy that the sheep shall eagerly devour the highly favored shepherd and then the wolves and foxes shall devour
the sheep! Thus saith the Lord.” He then took his notes and quickly exited the room. Page 167.
Christian Fiction and Suspense with an
Apologetics Edge
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       "Why did Prophet want the rod back so badly if it had no
       "I am no psychologist but Prophet placed all his faith in the rod
just as some people place all their faith in a televangelist, a
seed-faith principle or a church. The rod became his identity, and
sadly, his identity and faith were terribly misplaced. Did you know that
Christina had sworn her total obedience to the college and church?
Christina's identity and faith were also misplaced and look at how
they manipulated and abused her. Am I making sense?"
       "Yes." Officer Rux replied, "Our identity and faith should be in
Jesus and not a televangelist, church, money-raising principle like
seed-faith or some magic rod."
- Page 240