The Church of Jezebel
Hijacking the Gospel
The Church of Jezebel is a Christian suspense novel depicting the cult and counterfeit
side of some churches and televangelists. This book unveils some false doctrines and
manipulative techniques that often result in misplaced faith and spiritual abuse.
By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) 5.0 out of 5
stars. "Lined with Scripture and a powerful message,
Church of Jezebel
 is a fine Christian novel, highly

The Church of Jezebel, Hijacking the Gospel, weaves a
fictional suspense mystery that not only exposes false doctrines,
spiritual pride, misplaced faith and religious abuse but also
enlightens readers through Scriptures from the Bible.

This church has its own "trinity." It
sells  people the hope of
receiving tremendous financial wealth, super-natural  power and  
miracles, which is more
self-centered  than Christ-centered.

The Jezebel  church has four major doctrines: 1) God needs us
as much as we need Him, 2) by faith you will command both
blessings and curses, 3) by faith your divine seed will grow to
become as God, and 4) the members of this church will  have
dominion  over the entire earth.

The main character of the story is Christina, age eighteen, who
is excited about being admitted to Bible college. Although she is
easily awed by the self-serving and charismatic power of the
doctrinal messages and prophesies, there is an unmistakable
sense of alarm from the first page.

Christina's roommate, Becky, is dating the pastor's son and
becomes pregnant. A few weeks later the college announces
that Becky committed suicide. However, a no-nonsense
detective informs Christina that Becky was  murdered and that
Christina is a suspect in Becky's brutal death. Christina's
journey is fraught with twists and turns but she eventually
succumbs to the Jezebel spirit only to find that it almost destroys
her and  her faith.

The gripping and gritty novel moves towards a missions trip to
Haiti, where everything is not what it seems, and concludes in an
ultimate confrontation that shakes the highest levels of this toxic
mega-church and Bible college.

The Church of Jezebel cites appropriate Scripture and
examines the Jezebel spirit, apostate church, false prophets,
word-faith doctrine, faith healers, seed-faith giving, prosperity
gospel, Christ-consciousness and other beliefs that are
promoted today by many popular televangelists, Christian TV
stations, churches and cults.

Author Bio:
Derik R. Girdwood is a Christian
attorney in Michigan and his practice
consists mostly of family law and
criminal defense. To contact the
author, email:
The Greek word for Jezebel means “false teacher.”
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    “People buy into it because they do not know their
Bible and accept anyone who claims to be anointed by God. If
they get ‘goose bumps’ or it ‘tickles their ears’ then all the better.
This church, and others like it, is built on the trilogy of  financial
prosperity, super natural power and miracles. This 'trinity' is
man- centered and not Christ-centered. People hear the words
'prosperity, power and miracles' and it ‘tickles their ears.’”---
From page 236.
"Jezebel has a strong opinion about everything and everyone. If
someone is not miraculously healed, it’s because they didn’t have
enough faith. If  someone is poor, it’s because they have cheated God
in tithes or sinned. If someone attempts to correct Jezebel, it’s because
they are ignorant, jealous, or demon-possessed. The typical response
from a Jezebel spirit to correction is 'judge not, lest you be judged.'  
Ironically, Jezebels are highly judgmental of others but insist on having
no accountability for their own words or actions. They seek constant
praise from others but are reluctant to praise anyone in return. There is
joy in Jesus but not in Jezebel.

"In the church, most Jezebels will always gravitate toward a specialized
area of ministry, so that they can claim expert knowledge to allow them
to gain further power over others. Typical areas of specialization are
healing, prophesy, and miracles. They are specialists at taking
Scripture verses out of context and rearranging them to support their
own doctrine or purpose. They often claim they have a special
anointing from God and that they hear directly from God regarding their
specialized area of ministry. In a prayer or worship service, the Jezebel
spirit will often clap more, dance faster, and praise louder so that it
draws attention to itself.

"Jesus had a word for this in Matthew 6:5, and I quote, 'when you pray,
don't be like the hypocrites who love to pray publicly on street corners
and in the synagogues so that they may have glory from men. I tell you
the truth, that is all the reward they will ever get.'" - From pages 57-58.